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Nautonivono or Yadua (pronounced Yan du a) is right in the middle of the Mamanuca Group off the West coast of Nadi Fiji. The Mamanuca Group is by far the most popular tourist destination in the whole of Fiji and has the highest intensity of island resorts.

Whilst this island does not offer a large degree of sandy shoreline, it is an ideal island for a residential development or, with some reclamation of foreshore can sustain a small tourist resort of around 15-20 keys.

At the top of the island rests the remains of a volcanic crater which has been incorporated into the Master Planning, to be re-constructed to form a salt water Crater Lake or Mountain Top Lagoon.

This island offers an idyllic setting, remote and free from usual lifestyle trappings. The place to be at one with nature, oneself, family and friends; to recharge, refresh and invigorate. A true “Robinson Crusoe” chic retreat, with an unexplored natural environment and complete solitude. However, all this privacy and serenity is just a 10 minute helicopter flight from Nadi International Airport.

Its central location means the island is just a short boat ride to almost every major resort and tourism attraction in the area and some of the best surf and scuba diving sites in the world.

All this combined makes the island ideal for a variety of uses such as a 6-star private island retreat, a luxury villa complex or for the truly fortunate, an exclusive private island